Jim Toomey is a popular American cartoonist, famous for his comic Sherman's Lagoon.

Jim Toomy's cartoon, Sherman's Lagoon, appears in over 250 newspapers in North America and in over 30 countries worldwide.  

With a Master's degree of Environmental Management, Jim's cartoons often feature issues which pertain to the Ocean.  Read an interview he did recently with Catherine Fox about how he got started and his interest in marine life.

Jim has drawn a special cartoon just for Morgan to highlight her plight.  Help spread the word and post the link to Jim's exclusive Morgan cartoon wherever you can.

Paige Nelson
19/10/2012 03:21:08 am

Thank you for bringing attention to poor Morgan!! I am a forever fan!

Hester Bartels
21/10/2012 08:56:31 am

Excellent attention for her case! Thank you!

21/10/2012 06:40:07 pm

That's awesome and its just so inspiring to see people around the world stand up for this wild but captive orca. Thank you heaps!

28/8/2013 02:39:03 pm

As always, capturing wild animals and not returning them to their natural habitats is bad. And the people who do that should feel bad. Good for the cartoonist to take some action.

24/10/2012 07:37:07 pm

I am so glad for this group standing up for Morgan. How heartbreaking those stories always are. Some humans should be put themselves into jail (the judge who sent Morgan to Spain).

27/10/2012 09:37:36 pm

Nice cartoon! Really a nice and thoughtful way to raise awareness about her case and marine mammals in captivity!

Xena Amazone
1/11/2012 08:57:40 am

This is very good! And also very understandable for children. Well done! Thank you!

18/12/2012 04:53:55 pm

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5/2/2013 04:37:07 pm

With a Master's degree of Environmental Management, Jim's cartoons often feature issues which pertain to the Ocean .Hope people would like to take advantage of it .

23/7/2013 08:31:29 pm

I am really impressed with Morgan’s cartoons! i would definitely help to make his works famous everywhere! What I liked the most about his cartoons is that they are capable of entertaining people of all ages! Thanks for the share!

29/7/2013 10:56:24 pm

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2/10/2013 07:44:20 am

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21/10/2013 05:00:44 pm

I am a great fan of Jim Toomey cartoons and I have read the comic book titled Sherman's Lagoon completely as I am great fan of comics. You have shared an interesting post indeed.

26/11/2013 04:00:07 pm

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24/10/2013 10:42:59 pm

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