We are happy to announce that Jean-Michel Cousteau accepted our invitation and joins the Expert Board of the Free Morgan Group!!
He wrote his reasons why he joins the Free Morgan Group in a letter which you can download here
Some phrases of the letter are published below:
"I, in association with my not-for-profit organization, Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society and our organizations Marine Biologist and Field Producer, Holly Lohuis, am delighted to accept the invitation of your members to join the Expert Board of the Free Morgan Group.

I have been following the case of the young orca, Morgan, with particular interest as in the past we have had close contact with two individual orca and been involved with their rescue, rehabilitation and release."


"Until recently, I had no reason to believe that other orcas who have spent their lives in captivity could be successfully reintroduced to their pod or to a wild oceanic environment, even if the vast funds necessary were available to rehabilitate them for the wild.

I had been led to believe that only if we knew the location and pods from which individuals were captured, should we consider their release. However, now I realize that orca society is not always as structured as we first believed and that there is hope for individuals like Morgan, where the approximate location of her origin is known, even if her natal group cannot be identified by us mere humans."


"Once Morgan has begun the rehabilitation process it would be logical that a safe enclosure for her could be installed in the area where orcas have been observed this summer off Norway. Once there, Morgan and the wild orcas could communicate acoustically and their reactions be monitored. Given the comments posted by our Ocean Futures Society members, I think there would be tremendous public support for a humane, experimental program like this which would give Morgan a chance at freedom."


"Furthermore I find it hard to imagine that it could even be considered to export Morgan to a facility which imprisons other orca, no matter the number of orca, the size of the facility or the apparent justifications for such a move, when clearly the best option for Morgan is release back into the wild through a well managed plan such as that prepared by the Free Morgan Expert Board."

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