Ingrid Visser & Jean-Michel Cousteau
Lawyer and ocean advocate Matthew Spiegl spoke with Jean-Michel Cousteau (Ocean Futures Society) about Morgan at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival which took place during the last week of September. 

Spiegl writes, "Jean-Michel also wanted to talk about an issue that is very personal to him and his Ocean Futures Society -- Morgan, an orca whale who was captured on June 23, 2010 and has been in captivity since.

When the discussion turned to this young female orca, there was a noticeable change in Jean-Michel's voice. Although always passionate, there is a profound sense of urgency when he speaks of Morgan. Having spent over four years fighting to free another orca named Keiko from captivity; Jean-Michel is frustrated that we are still having this discussion about captive marine animals performing "circus acts" for humans in 2012." 

"We need to put Morgan back in the ocean. We need to get off our ass and campaign as far as we can with as many people as we can to convince the judges, the people who are making the decision in Amsterdam on the first of November, and I'm planning on being there and as many people who can join, to show the world, the legal world that there is a growing number of people, that we are able to have a voice," says Cousteau. 

Spiegl also spoke with Dr. Ingrid Visser (Orca Research Trust) who is on the Free Morgan Foundation expert board, who gave the him a "quick education on orcas and filled [him] in on the details about Morgan, explaining that she was not stranded and rescued - but that she was captured and taken". 

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Wilson Pavanelli Filho
9/10/2012 01:57:22 pm

Unfortunayely there are humans that still want to please theirselves and make money easy putting animals in captivity. This is an atrocity. As Jacques Cousteau have already told, the only specie who kill for sport or self entertainment is our specie. We are the real killer.

Maria Sorgie
28/10/2012 10:48:53 am

I just recently viewed a PSA announcement regarding Morgan and was captivated and convinced to do something to free her! Please post this PSA everywhere, there are people out there like me who did not know this was going on and we all must band together to stop putting these wonderful animals in captivity.

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