The Orca Coalition together with the expertise of Dr. Ingrid Visser, secured a victory in court today for the captive orca named Morgan by having her proposed export to the entertainment park Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain, blocked. The judge ruled that the Ministry needs to do more to investigate whether the proposed ’scientific research’ at Loro Parque is not just a guise under which the orca can be quickly moved. The judge also ruled that the orca will have to be moved to a bigger tank at the Dolphinarium in the short term, one where she will have more space and at least have contact with other animals (dolphins). In addition he made the recommendation that all interested parties (Orca Coalition, Free Morgan Group and Dolphinarium) will have to start a dialogue to come to a common solution for the orca under the guidance of the responsible Ministry.

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23/4/2023 11:37:18 pm

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