Digital Journal journalist Elizabeth Batt writes about Morgan's up-and-coming court case on the 1st November in Amsterdam. She talks about the inspiration and motivation behind the group going to court to support the case for Morgan's freedom. Find out what we hope will happen to Morgan and what anybody new to Morgan's case should be aware of, including basic facts about wild orca, why Morgan is not suited to a life in captivity and why she is considered a good candidate for release.

"Morgan is a suitable candidate for release... [She] has spent more time in the wild than she has in captivity so far. Scientific experts have been able to match Morgan’s vocalizations with a group of orca in Norway believed to be Morgan’s pod...this really increases Morgan’s chances of reuniting with her family pod."

"The group of experts supporting the case for Morgan’s freedom is phenomenal. Combined they have more than 100 years worth of experience working with orca. They really know what they are doing. My ultimate hope, is that they get the chance to do with Morgan what was meant to have been done from the very beginning – rehabilitate and release her back into the wild."

You can visit Orca Morgan's Court Case group to find out how you can support Morgan in court:

Read Elizabeth's article here with interview from Morgan's Court Case travel coordinator Sam Lipman:

Angel Fereshteh Mehran
26/10/2012 07:39:53 am

Please FREE Morgan from captivity. I am a supporter of freeing dear, beautiful, innocent MORGAN from captivity. Please let me know where I can sign the petition.

Thank you.


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