Far away, on an island chain off the coast of Africa, SeaWorld keeps five of their orcas;  two males aged 16 and 10, two females aged 10 and 7, and one calf just 10 months old.  The calf, Adan was born to the 10 year old female, who rejected him immediately – lacking the presence of an experienced mother (or any fully adult orca) as companion, and having been taken away from her own mother too young, this reaction did not come as a surprise.  What is a surprise is that marine amusement parks keep breeding the orcas at such a tender age.

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This is the fate that awaits the young rescued orca, Morgan, which SeaWorld and Loro Parque are trying to obtain because their orcas are increasingly becoming inbred and they desperately need a fresh gene pool.  Like other young female orcas in captivity, Morgan would doubtless be bred at the earliest conceivable age, and then be forced to have baby after baby, living in a concrete box her entire life.

Source: Seattle PI 

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