Prepared by Jan van Twillert & Dr Ingrid N. Visser / Free Morgan Foundation


As part of the Free Morgan Foundation’s Rehabilitation and Release Plan, an appropriate location must be decided upon which encompasses all the requirements for the Plan to succeed.  This is, inter alia; logistical, environmental, personnel, community and habitat criteria.  Furthermore, it must be a location that has historical and recent sightings and encounters with the local population of orca.

The location of Stø, in northern Norway, is an ideal location for the implementation of the Rehabilitation and Release Plan.  The area provides not only all the logistical requirements but is also a prime habitat for orca, with sightings regularly reported within a 10 km range of the harbour and site for the rehabilitation sea-pen.  In addition, the local community of Stø sees Morgan’s return to these waters, as not only a benefit to the Stø Community in terms of possible economic benefit, but also it is clear that they genuinely care about the marine environment, its inhabitants.

The community commitment ranges from the Mayor to the fishermen and also includes residents.  This also includes local businesses who have offered to provide liaison cooperation and to assist with the project throughout its duration.

Download the full report here
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