Morgan remains in captivity because the Dolfinarium Harderwijk insists that her family can’t be found in the waters off Norway. However, we would like everyone to be aware of “Stumpy” a young orca from these very same waters. He apparently lost his mother and has been observed traveling with five different groups of orca. He has also been seen being provided food by these very same orca.

Such flexibility in orca society shows us that we still have much to learn about them. More to the point it also show that Morgan should be given the chance to return to the wild and the orca population which she came from. Here are two pages reproduced from the book by Stenerson and Similä, which describes their findings about Stumpy. Please spread the word that keeping Morgan from her family is not the real reason the Dolfinarium Harderwijk wants to keep Morgan, but rather her value to the captive orca industry for breeding.

Stumpy with the NR group, resting while the other animals are hunting
Stumpy being led away by members of the NR group
Source: Stenersen, J., and Similä, T (2004). Norwegian Killer Whales. Tringa forlag ISBN: 8299457734 
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