Tanya Streeter, World Record Freediver/TV Presenter/Environmentalist, becomes Ambassador for Morgan!

Since retiring from competitive freediving in 2006 having broken 10 world records in the sport, Tanya has turned her focus to making environmentally sensitive wildlife documentaries.

One of her best received films, "Diving With Whales" for the BBC/Animal Planet, saw her freediving with Humpback whales.  Her experience while filming with these magnificent animals only served to reinforce her strong belief that marine mammals belong in the wild and never in captivity.

"I am deeply saddened to learn about Morgan's incarceration, and horrified that, despite returning to good health, she is being held captive in the smallest orca enclosure in the world for the sake of entertainment.  I will do whatever I can to help the FreeMorgan campaign in their goal to release this magnificent creature back into the wild."

Tanya is currently working on an extremely important environmental film with the Plastic Oceans Foundation, for whom she is a patron.

The film is due for cinematic release in 2013.  www.plasticoceans.com

16/3/2020 12:12:15 am

A very meaningful event, I hope everything will go well


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